Casa La Aventura in Popoyo, Nicaragua

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Hi there, I want to share with you our new guesthouse Casa La Aventura in Popoyo.
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La Aventura is a new, rustic and eco-friendly 🌱 guesthouse located in the middle of Guasacate road, close to some of the most amazing surf spots on the emerald coast. Nicaragua is known for all-day offshores and pumping beach breaks, points, river mouths, and reef setups, here truly there is a wave for every level of surfer.
🌊🏄‍♀️ We are a two-minute walk to the beach where you can enjoy long walks and breathtaking sunsets.
Casa La Aventura provides a peaceful place full of plants, craftsmanship, and chill-out areas where you can relax and feel easily connected to Nature.🍃
We recently built a new kitchen. Come try this very spacious and fully equipped space, with counter and kitchen cabinets for each room. You will feel at home in our kitchen.
All of our tableware is made of clay by Nicaraguan Artisans.
Every week we get delivered bread (local baker), free-range eggs (from a local farm), and yogurt (local producer). All of our guests are pleased with the quality of these products and have them delivered while they stay with us.
-High-speed internet Wifi
-Fully equipped kitchen
-Wooden terrace perfect for yoga or just chilling
-Surfboards and boogie boards for rent
- Motorbike with rack for rent (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
-Bicycle for rent
-We offer massages
-We offer breakfast
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Dirección: Casa La Aventura, Calle Guasacate, Las Salinas, Nicaragua

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